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Increase Your Revenue


Provides convenience to the customer and increases spending per head. 

Set Menu


Minimize queuing process and increasing customer traffic.

QR Table Order 


Boosting sales and allow customers to comfortably order from anywhere.

Online Order


SMS Blast

Sending SMS blast to the customers, with custom promotional code on each SMS.

Reduce Cost


Direct Payment

Money straight to your bank account for Online Order. No more long waits and hefty commissions. 


Save Labor Cost

QR Code Table Ordering allows you to serve the customer efficiently. Customers made orders and pay by themselves right from their mobile phones.  


Track your inventory usage and movement. Reduce wastage and over-buy stock.

Stock Control


Do you have ingredients that need to be moved quickly? Highlight the menus, and your staff can promote them. 

Menu Highlight


One-touch button for your customer to reorder their favourites menu.

Reorder Shortcut

online ordering.png

Use your mobile phone for intuitive handheld ordering. No need for an expensive proprietary handheld; your subscription includes an unlimited handheld terminal license. 

Handheld Ordering

time attendance.png

Help business owners to track total working hours and maintain team member accountability.

Staff Time Attendance


An easy-to-read yet condensed report of a daily report. An easy way to check how your business is going for the day. You can monitor the performance anytime, anywhere from your phone. 

Daily Summary Report

Getting More Efficient

Scale Up Your Business


HQ Central Access

One login to monitor all of your stores. Setup menu, view reports and set promotions. All from one centralised screen. 

business insight.png

Business Insight

Extensive analytical report to assess the business performance and assist management decision making.  


Consolidated customer feedback will help business owners to assess the business performance, customer relationship and assist decision-making.

Customer Feedback


You can do all the functions of the POS from anywhere. Imagine have a centralised phone centre to manage phone orders. Order entered remotely will be printed to the site automatically.

Remote Operation