Frequently asked questions


Is there any training program included?

WisdomPOS has a POS Academy. Inside there are extensive training videos that will help you understand how to use the pos fully. Should there be any questions, our customer support officer will help you.

Is there any contract?

There is no contract. You can start and cancel anytime with a monthly subscription. There is an annual subscription that will give you two months free.

Is technical support included in the subscription fee?

Yes. Technical support by chat, email and phone is available seven days a week.

Are there any extra charges besides the subscription fee?

The online order system will have a 5% commission of turnover. Should you require onsite installation or service, there will be an onsite technician fee. Please feel free to confirm with us regarding the cost.

Can I cancel my subscription fee?

Yes, you can cancel the monthly subscription anytime. The annual subscription is non-refundable.

Is my data safe?

Yes, all your data is stored in the cloud and backed up regularly.

Can I  use several devices with WisdomPOS?

Yes, you can use WisdomPOS on an unlimited device within your store. The interface includes POS Terminal, handheld ordering pad, kitchen printers, kitchen screen, and order screen in your subscription.

Hardware Shop

Can I use my hardware?

Yes, WisdomPOS is compatible with most hardware. WisdomPOS is a web-based cloud system. Any device that can open a web browser can work with WisdomPOS. Some older devices would affect the performance. Feel free to discuss with us prior.

Can I purchase both the subscription and the hardware?

Yes. You can get a $450 discount on our terminal for a limited time when signing up with an annual subscription.

Is WisdomPOS available across Australia?

Yes. We can send the hardware anywhere in Australia. We have an installation partner available in major Australian cities.

Can someone install the hardware in my place?

Yes, that is possible. You can order a technician visit for installation or service. When you purchase hardware from us, the hardware would already be preinstalled and configured with your setting. When you open the package, it would be as simple as plug it into power and connect it to the internet. As an alternative, we provide phone and remote support, assisting you during installation free of charge.

Is there any special hardware requirement for handheld ordering?

Any Windows, Android or Apple handheld device are compatible. For Android, please have the minimum RAM of your handheld at 2GB.